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Choose Your Own Options

From our all-in-one 24/7 Multi Access Account banking solution through to our range of special purpose saving account options. You can easily choose the options best for you. It is also easy to arrange your pay or other payments to be automatically deposited into your various accounts ‘split’ exactly how you choose. 

All Under One ‘Umbrella’

Another handy feature is all accounts are part of your Membership. This means, when you view your statement or use online internet banking you see all of your accounts under one ‘umbrella’.

Perfect for all your day-to-day banking needs.
This is the perfect account to manage most of your day to day banking needs. It’s also easy to add extra options. Basically, you can design how you want to use and access your Multi-Access Account. Joint accounts and additional card user options are also available.

Flexible, with no minimum balance requirements, our Multi Access Account has Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM, EFTPOS access, plus many easy-to-use optional features such as a Visa Debit card, cheque book, BPay facilities and a Personal Overdraft.


E-Access Saver
Great bonus rate with internet and phone access.
This account earns you a much higher interest rate than ‘typical’ day-to-day saving accounts. You can easily arrange part of your pay or other electronic payment direct credits to be deposited automatically.

You can also deposit funds via internet or telephone banking from your other SECU accounts under the same membership. The other great bonus is your interest is paid monthly. This allows you to earn more interest on your interest!


Term Deposits
Choose your term and interest payment options.
When you have cash available, which you know you won't need for a while, consider a SECU Term Deposit. A wide range of terms are available, offering a higher interest rate.

The interest rate offered at the beginning of the agreed term remains the same for the full term. You know exactly how much interest you will earn, no matter what happens to rates during the term of your investment.

We offer Term Deposits from 3, 6, 9, 12 and 24 months. The other good news is we have Term Deposits with interest options paid monthly (into a savings account) or on maturity - depending on the Term Deposit chosen.


Cash Management
The more you save the more you earn.
This account earns you a higher interest rate as your balance grows. This gives you an incentive to keep saving.

Once any deposit is made to the account, after 7 days, that deposit amount is ‘at call’. This gives you an incentive to keep saving. Interest is also paid monthly - allowing you to earn interest on your interest sooner than many similar competitor accounts that pay interest quarterly, six monthly or annually.


Christmas Club
A little each pay makes Christmas a better day!
Christmas and the summer holiday season is always an expensive time of year. By depositing a small amount on a regular basis your balance will grow quickly. You can easily arrange for part of your pay or other regular payments to be automatically deposited.

You can also deposit funds via internet and phone banking. No withdrawals are can be made until after October 31. This keeps you away from temptation and ensures any chance of suffering from the ‘Christmas budget blues’ is reduced!


Budget Savings
An easier way to plan for your bills.
Paying your bills is never a pleasant experience. It is even more painful if you have not put aside enough funds to cover those bills when they arrive. This account helps you to allocate part of your pay or other income on a regular basis. A Budget Savings account helps you to plan ahead and allows you to easily control and see exactly how much you have put aside to cover those ongoing bills.

You also have the convenience of being able to access these funds using internet and telephone banking or via any rediATM. Having this account makes good sense.


Special Purpose
Helps you save & avoid spending your savings.
We all like to be able to save for something special. A new car, holiday, special event or a deposit for a new home. The best way to save is to put aside a regular amount into a separate account. Our Special Purpose account is designed exactly for this purpose.

You simply transfer funds or arrange to have a regular part of your pay or other payment to be automatically credited to this account. You can access your funds via internet and telephone banking but is kept apart from your main day-to-day account to reduce temptation!


Mortgage Offset
Reduces the interest on your SECU mortgage by using your savings.
If you have a SECU mortgage and some savings, or the ability to put aside some extra savings each pay, then you will love this account! 100% of every dollar you have in this account will reduce the interest calculated on your mortgage.

For example, if you had $10,000 in your Mortgage Offset account the monthly interest on your mortgage balance would be calculated on the outstanding balance as if it was $10,000 lower. Another great outcome is you usually do not pay tax on interest saved... unlike interest earned!


Deeming Account
Makes your money go further in retirement.
Make your money go further in retirement with all the benefits of an 'at call' account but taking advantage of Australian Government rules on deeming with higher interest rates. If you have retired from full-time employment, over 55 or in receipt of an aged pension or Seniors Card then this is the account for you.

With our Deeming Account, you can enjoy the flexibility and access of an ‘at call’ account plus earn an excellent rate on your hard-earned savings. In addition to this account we can assist you with expert financial planning advice through our recommended professional Financial Planning service provider.


Trust Account
Saving for someone you care about.
The most popular use for our Trust Account is as a special saving account for young children. There are Government restrictions on the age children are permitted to have an account in their own name. A Trust account is the solution.

The balance is ‘at call’ and interest is calculated daily. It is also easy to access funds via internet and telephone banking. You can also arrange regular direct credits and transfer funds via internet or telephone banking.

Certain businesses and legal entities also typically use our Trust Account for special purposes.