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A Complete Range

Whether you are buying a home, investment property, new car, consolidating debts or simply need some extra money for something special – chances are, we have the loan for you. You can borrow for almost any worthwhile purpose.

Real Value

At SECU our interest rates are proudly always very competitive. We also offer bonus options with most loans. Some of the bonus options are designed to help you reduce interest or your repayment term. Others give you the flexibility to better suit your lifestyle needs.

Friendly and Personal Approach

We look at each application individually and try to look at your entire situation to offer a loan package best suited to your needs, always trying to offer you the best value solution possible. We also do our best to find a way to say ‘your loan is approved’. We understand you are eager for an answer so try and process your application as quickly as possible. You can also ask for a ‘Pre-Approved’ loan, giving you peace of mind knowing your budget in advance of making any commitment.

Home Loans
Great value and options Members really want.
You may want to purchase a new home, an investment property, do some renovations or use the equity in your home as a first mortgage to obtain some extra funds at a much lower rate than a personal loan or credit facility. 

If you need a Home Loan, chances are, we have the right loan for you. We also offer you the choice of principle and interest, interest only or a combination of the two .

With most SECU loans you can easily make extra repayments. You also have the choice to put extra funds into our 100% Mortgage Offset Account to reduce loan interest. A free Redraw Facility, giving you access to funds if your loan repayments are in advance is also available. 

You can optionally make weekly or fortnightly loan repayments instead of the standard monthly repayment – thus reducing the overall interest or term of your loan.

As you can already see, we provide ‘no gimmick’ Home Loans with real value and the kind of options Members really want.

To create and view a Home Loan Key Facts Sheet as specified and required by the Federal Government please - Click Here. Please note, this tool also allows you to use a Loan Calculator to view different 'what if' scenarios. 


Mortgage Offset
Reduces the interest on your SECU mortgage by using your savings.
Although not a loan, our Mortgage Offsret option is a very attractive feature you can enjoy when you take out a SECU mortgage. If you have a SECU mortgage and some savings, or the ability to put aside some extra savings each pay, then you will love this account! 100% of every dollar you have in this account will reduce the interest calculated on your mortgage.

For example, if you had $10,000 in your Mortgage Offset account the monthly interest on your mortgage balance would be calculated on the outstanding balance as if it was $10,000 lower. Another great outcome is you usually do not pay tax on interest saved... unlike interest earned!


Car Loans
New or used with ‘pre-approval’ option.
When you want to buy your next car, call SECU first. It doesn’t matter if it is a much loved ‘classic’, a used car or brand new vehicle straight off the production line. We have the right Car Loan for you.

We usually approve most Car Loans within 24 hours. Plus you can have your loan Pre-Approved. This puts you in control when negotiating a price.

Need help finding the best price for a new car? Through the Private Fleet car buying service you can receive the fleet owner benefits formerly only available to large companies. This service is available to all Members and could potentially save you money.


Car Buying Service
You could save a small fortune.
Through our arrangement with Private Fleet, SECU members can make sure they have the best car deal available. As a member you will receive a free subscription to this service. Through the Private Fleet car buying service you can often receive the fleet owner benefits formerly only available to large companies.

This service is available to all Members and could potentially save you money. They can also assist you with finding a used car.

Click here to browse the Private Fleet website.

Don’t forget to quote your Member Number to save and enjoy a free subscription to this service!


Personal Loan
For any worthwhile purpose.
A holiday, extra cash, debt consolidation or that new ‘thing’ you always wanted. Our Personal Loans are available for any worthwhile purpose. The other great thing with a Personal Loan is that you know exactly when your loan with be repaid, unlike using a credit card typically at a higher rate.
We usually approve most Personal Loans within 24 hours. Plus you can have your loan Pre-Approved. This puts you in control.
Add to this very competitive rates and a range of flexible options Members actually want and you have a Personal Loan the way it should be!


Line Of Credit
Best of both worlds & often better than a credit card.
In many ways, we think a SECU Line of Credit offers you the best of both worlds, without the need to have a credit card. After all, credit cards all too often charge a much higher rate than our Line of Credit. Why pay more interest?
Our Line of Credit gives you access to extra cash when you need it. It is ‘linked’ to your main Multi Access Account. When combined with our Visa Debit Card you enjoy 24/7 worldwide ATM, EFTPOS, Telephone and Internet access - plus all the other features our Multi Access account offers!

Interest is only charged on the amount used. The other good news is we offer secured and unsecured loan options. No matter which option you choose, your interest rate is much lower than that charged by most credit card providers. Our Line of Credit really does offer you the best of both worlds.


MyCard MasterCard
Go Anywhere with MasterCard

Your Choice of Cards - Low Rate or Platinum

You have the choice of the Low Rate or Platinum MasterCard - whichever best suits your needs.

The Low Rate MasterCard is a simple, no frills product with a lower rate and basic features such as 55 days interest free; the option to have up to four additional cards and complimentary purchase cover#.

The Platinum MasterCard allows you to get more out of the Card Services Rewards program through a higher points cap and the ability to earn points faster, with every $1 spent earning 1.25 Rewards points. Complimentary domestic travel insurance; higher levels of purchase cover and the Platinum Concierge Service is also included#.

To apply for a Low rate or Platinum MasterCard it is as easy as clicking here!

More detailed information about the excellent options and features provided by MyCard MasterCard can be obtained by clicking on the below 'More Info' button or by visiting the MyCard MasterCard website.

#Complimentary insurance is provided automatically to cardholders under a master agreement between Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL No. 232507 and Citigroup Pty Limited, and is subject to Terms and Conditions and exclusions available at www.cardservicesdirect.com.au. An excess applies to Purchase Cover Insurance. *Rewards are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Card Services Rewards Program. Reward points are not earned on cash advances. Reward points never expire while the card remains open. Offer subject to Card Services credit criteria, your existing Card Services accounts being in good order at time of processing and provided that you have not accepted a Credit Limit Increase offer or another Card Services offer in the last 6 months. The issuers of CardGuard are MetLife Insurance Limited ABN 75 004 274 882 AFSL 238096 (MetLife) and ACE Insurance Limited ABN 23 001 642 020 AFSL 239687 (ACE). The distributor is Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080 AFSL No 238098. This material contains general advice only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs, and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement to decide if the policy is right for you.